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GeniAltX is a ChatGPT tailored for enterprises, designed to enhance both internal and external applications, significantly reducing time costs and improving internal efficiency.

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Tailored Solution for SMEs

GeniAltX, a generative AI chatbot, answers questions by querying databases through natural language. It provides instant responses to natural language queries and database searches. It can also be used for AI customer service to quickly sell products or resolve customer issues, reducing complaints and enhancing satisfaction.

Comprehensive System Services

Features of GeniAltX:

Choose from various renowned AI models.
(e.g., ChatGPT, Gemini)
Overcome the issue of misinformation
and word limits in current ChatGPT models.
High-level security measures
to protect company data.
Optimized for Traditional Chinese
Supports multiple languages
(e.g. Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.),
including optimized Traditional Chinese.
Various File
Handles various file formats

ppt / pdf / html / doc
 / xsl / txt / csv
Connects with multiple platforms
(e.g., Line, Company websites)
without repeated uploads.

Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

External Data Analysis

Collects and analyzes data based on commands to create presentations, copy, and images.

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#AI⁺SearchingForLiteratureContent #AI⁺CompilingIndustryReports

Internal Data Q&A

Easily retrieves data from company databases, reducing query and organization time.

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#DecisionMaking #DataQ&A

Sales Assistant

Helps consumers find suitable products through AI.


SEO Optimization Assistant

Enhances web pages and articles for better search rankings.


AI Customer Service
Creating Superior Customer Experiences

Exclusive Optimization.
Provides the most precise generative AI chatbot.

Compatible with flexible infrastructures.
Supports private cloud and localized solutions
Comprehensive and enhanced security protection.

Easy Operation.
Allows bulk data uploads and personalized customer service generation.

Manage Chatbots
Build Chatbots

Manage and set up chatbot models, commands, and auto-responses.

AI Customer Service
Integrated Instant Messaging Software

Connects with multiple platforms like Line,
Meta Messenger and Company website.

One-stop management
of all customer service messages
Seamless AI/Human Responses

Supports dual-track responses, switching between AI and human as needed.

Support for customization
Customer Service System Appearance and Visualization

Back to URL / Newsletter / Logo / Theme Color / Dialog Color / Navigation Bar Color / SEO Settings for Social Sharing

Hands-Off Setup Experience:
Fast, Professional, Effortless

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