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End-to-End Digital Transformation Service

We focus on big data, AI, web development, and system integration, offering digital transformation assessment, implementation, and operation.

Corporate Consulting
Strategy Consulting
Training & Coaching
Process Optimization
Digital Build
AI Customized Modeling &
Enterprise War Room (EWR) construction
Cross-System Planning &
Integration of New Technology Introduction
Data Analytics &
Big Data Applications
Technology Application
Professional Tech Fields
Big Data
Web Development
System Integration
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Digital Transformation Implementation Cases

Blockchain Wallet for Events
  • Blockchain Wallets and Interactive Games
  • For the Electronics Industry
Predictive Maintenance for Machinery
  • Precise Prediction of Machine Maintenance and Damage Time.
  • Industries: Transportation, Automobile Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing
Strategy Hub Setup
  • Financial Management, Operations Management, Business Management.
  • Industry: Government, Education Institute, Manufacturing
Defect Detection in Manufacturing
  • Visual Recognition AI Detects and Determines Defects
  • Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
Website Development
  • Intelligent Housekeeping, AIT Factory Line Introduction
  • Industry: Hospitality Industry, Industrial Manufacturing
Custom AI Algorithms
  • Epidemic Detection Algorithm, Drug Prevention Forecasting, Loan Default Forecasting
  • Industry: Government Agencies, Universities and Colleges, Financial Industry
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Digital Team Construction and Training

Assist organizations that lack digital talent to plan and train digital transformation teams to build relevant capabilities, including digital strategy and action strategy.

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Technology Knowledge Lectures
Digital Technology
Big Data
Data Science
Digital Currency
Digital Future
Global Development Trends
Transformation Cases
Industry Trends
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Expert Systems
Generative AI
Transform-Thinking Equiping
Digital Transformation
Digital Operations Management
Digital Analysis
Business Model Transformation
Data Storytelling
Smart Manufacturing
Smart Scheduling
Predictive Maintenance
Defect Detection
Parameter Optimization
Smart Operations
Operations KPI Management
Financial Analysis
HR Applications
B2B Strategic Sales
B2C Precision Marketing
Industry Case Studies
Industry Cases
Manufacturing, traditional industries, etc.
Technology AI Transformational Practice
Classic Cases
Internal Digital Transformation Evaluation
Technology implementation
Team Suggestion and Process Improvement
Company Cases
Customized for by needs
Case discussion training

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