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AI-Enhanced Financial Operations

Here, we redefine the management experience for SMEs. Say goodbye to traditional accounting and bookkeeping. Our AI-enhanced financial system optimizes your operational efficiency.

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Created by SMEs, Created for SMEs

Handling your finances yourself can distract you from your core business and prevent you from capitalizing on the insights of your financial data. We know how time-consuming and costly this can be. We're committed to helping you completely transform the way you manage your finances, so your business isn't tied up in financial drudgery by having an on-the-go assistant ready to answer your operational questions.

Deep Insight into Business Needs

We deeply understand the challenges faced by SME owners. Through precise needs analysis, focusing on financial information, we provide practical solutions urgently needed for your operational requirements.

Customized AI Solutions

We not only understand your needs but also combine AI technology with a cloud-based SaaS platform, allowing businesses to choose the required modules based on actual needs. This tailored solution makes it easy and fast to embrace digital transformation.

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Addressing the Needs of Digital Operations

How to choose?

ERP is too big and complex.
Inventory management systems are insufficient.
Are these digital transformation tools?

Is it easy to use?

Will employees be able to use it?
Is the interface user-friendly?

Is the cost high?

Will it require more manpower?
Do we need digital transformation experts?

Does it meet our needs?

Is the system flexible?
Can it meet the specific needs of the company?

A Trustworthy Digital Operations Assistant for SMEs and Founders

Enhance your business efficiency with our digital operations assistant, tailored for SMEs and founders. From accounting to cash forecasting, data integration, and operational management, we provide comprehensive support to help you effortlessly handle daily business challenges.

  1. Accounting Processing

  2. Cash Forecasting

  3. Data Integration

  4. Operational Management

Easy To Start With Zero Learning Cost

Record transactions in Excel and import them into the system to complete accounting tasks. The system's ability to automatically recognize transaction content and execute repetitive tasks simplifies operational and financial processes, improving data accuracy and saving time and resources for businesses.

Intuitive Interface

Designed for ease of use, allowing you to focus on your core business and elevate your work to a new level.

Automated Accounting and Financial Reporting

No need for professional accounting knowledge; our generative AI reads your business activities, automatically converts them into accounting records, and generates reports.

Automatic Cash Forecasting

Unlike traditional reports based on historical data, our cash forecast shows the future cash inflows and outflows, providing essential references for financial planning and fund allocation.

Real-Time Financial Analysis in Q&A Mode

Utilize real-time visual analysis charts and keyword searches to intelligently provide key metrics and optimization suggestions.

Start With The Conversation Box, Things Just Happened!
24hrs On-Call Operations Digital Assistant

Using generative AI technology, get the information you need through "conversation," saving valuable time in querying and searching for information.

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Key Features

Seamless Data Transfer

Use Excel as a data import template to reduce data transfer costs.

User-Friendly Operation

Intuitive visual design for all reports and management information.

Automated Administrative Processes

AI technology assists SMEs with structural deficiencies, lengthy accounting SOPs, and insufficient time for month-end closing.

Automatic Report Generation

Automatic generation of commonly used operational reports, such as financial statements.

One-Stop Data Integration

Automated processes to address inaccurate operational data and poor data integration, enhancing operational efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring and Trend Prediction

Real-time data analysis and information visualization to improve financial transparency and understand current profitability challenges.

Pricing Plans

Standard Version

Automate and optimize
your management cycle
  • 2 users
    AI accounting operations
    Financial strategy hub
    Sales strategy hub
    HR strategy hub
    Inventory strategy hub
    Data center
    Permission management

Enterprise Version

Quote upon request
Data-driven insights
to enhance your business strategy
  • Number of users based on needs
    AI accounting operations
    Financial strategy hub
    Sales strategy hub
    HR strategy hub
    Inventory strategy hub
    AI Q&A assistant (subscription-based)
    Data center
    Permission management
    System integration
    Custom modules

Hands-Off Setup Experience:
Fast, Professional, Effortless

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